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MgoSync means new possibilities for your WooCommerce

Have you ever considered automatically adding products to your store? Or over keeping your products up-to-date? With our app you can find available dropshipping suppliers and integrate your store with them!

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Find your supplier

Here are some of the suppliers found in the MgoSync application:

What's more?

MgoSync will allow you to choose the right supplier for you and write to us as part of your desire to undertake integration. Thanks to the application, contacting us is easy and definitely speeds up the integration process.

MgoSync future

We expect our MgoSync plugin to further develop in the future by giving our customers access to detailed information about their currently used Megamo services, simplifying the authorization process and expanding the integration with existing WordPress and WooCommerce functionalities.

Ready for integration? Connect your store with a dropshipping wholesaler. Write to us via the MgoSync and stay up-to-date.

Want to learn more about the integration?

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Bring a new supplier

Don't wait take action - start your integration!

Below you will find the most important elements to start working with us.

Demo version

First, if you would like to see what your store would look like with our integrator, take a look at the demo version. Click on the image on the right >>

Store view

Pass: demo

On the left, a video showing the capabilities of Megamo Integrator.

FREE TRIAL - 10 days

Do you want to check exactly how our Automatic Integrator works?
Feel free to take individual tests – we will connect the warehouse to your store

Go ahead and test it – it’s completely free. We do not require credit cards.
The trial will not be renewed automatically,
after 10 days you decide whether you want to continue.

How does it work?

Your store displays products that can be conveniently purchased

How it works


Megamo integrator is not optimized for just one platform. Stock your store with any e-commerce platform.

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List of all supported e-commerce platforms

Your supplier is missing in our offer? That’s not a problem!

Everyday new wholesalers are connected the integrator. Get in contact with us – we will supply your store with the products of your favorite supplier.

Available suppliers


It’s easy and simple

Each package provides comprehensive technical support, professional advice, and customer service ready to help.

Fast and efficient service, updated stocks all the time, every day. This is what we give you.

Our clients about Megamo:

I was very surprised how professional and well structured everything works at Megamo. Especially the customers care team offer a fantastic service. Its always possible to reach someone to ask questions.
Daniel A.
Shopify, Germany
We started our cooperation with the company at the beginning of 2020 when we were developing a few of our Shopify-based projects. The solutions offered by Megamo turned out to be extremely successful, both in terms of integration possibilities (options) and prices. The customer service also remains on a top-notch level. We needed a few custom options - they implemented everything quickly and without major problems. To sum up, quality solutions and support at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend them.
Shopify, Katowice
I am very satisfied with the cooperation with Megamo. The integrations were performed quickly and professionally. Noteworthy contact.