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Store supply

Store supply

1k new products in just 24h!

Supplying your store is one of the most important steps leading to the launch of an online store – it basically determines its way to success.

Are you looking for simple and efficient solutions? With Megamo you can effectively supply your store without any technical knowlegde or complications. We add 1k new products in 24 hours – YES, IT POSSIBLE.


Choose suppliers

1. Choose the supplier

You can find a wide selection of
suppliers on our website


2. We manage the products

We import suppliers’ products and
transfer them to your store


3. We add complete products

Products contain all parameters
provided by the supplier

Integration panel

4. You get access to the panel

In the panel, you add products of
your choice to the store


Megamo integrator is not optimized for just one platform. Stock your store with any e-commerce platform.

List of all supported e-commerce platforms

Your supplier is missing in our offer? That’s not a problem!

Everyday new wholesalers are connected the integrator. Get in contact with us – we will supply your store with the products of your favorite supplier.


Stocking up should be quick, effective and without unnecessary technical complications.

For example, if you have set the goal of adding 1000 products and manually adding 1 product takes 4 minutes, you will only add 15 products in an hour.

Quick calculation?

In this way, you can stock your store by working 8 hours, 5 days a week for two weeks in total. Doable? Sure, but you don’t have to waste that amount of time for such easy operation. Our integrator will do it in minutes!


Stock your store today!


Will the products after importing to my store be automatically updated?
No, products will not be automatically updated. However, you can upgrade to a higher plan with recurring automatic updates using our integrator – Price List. If you decide to change your plan within 10 days after stocking up the store, you will receive a 30% discount on the new service.
How does it work.

Will the products that will be delivered to my store via the stock-up service contain names, descriptions, SKUs and all other attributes?
The imported products will have all the attributes that will be included in the XML file of the warehouse that you have selected.

What do I need to do to get my shop stocked?
Purchase the service on this subpage: Stocking up the store. Then you will receive an e-mail with a request for the data necessary to perform the service. It will be, among others, a request to send an XML file of the selected warehouse or to complete a short questionnaire.

Will the products transferred to my store go to one category indicated by me, or can I transfer the products to the categories I choose?
Products can go to any category you specify, or you can move them to selected categories yourself. If you complete the questionnaire, which we will send you before stocking up, we will know your expectations and be able to adapt to your needs appropietly.

I only want to select specific suppliers whose products will be transferred to my store. Is it possible?
Yes, you can also select only specific categories or only specific products. If you complete the questionnaire, which we will send you before stocking up, we will know your expectations and be able to adapt to your needs.

Does stocking up the store involve any additional costs, apart from those indicated on the website?
No, we do not charge additional fees related to the stocking up, apart from those indicated on the subpage regarding stocking up.

Manual transfer of products from xml or csv file provided by wholesaler can be a source of difficulty for many people starting their adventure with online sales and often requires a huge investment of time.If you want to avoid this, turn to us directly! Write to: [email protected].