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What is the aim of this module?

Integration with a wholesaler – you obtain a prepared solution

The Integrator allows to update a shop with the products offered by a wholesaler as well as their regular updates. You do not require to be familiar with PHP, XML or CSV – you obtain a ready solution which is an installed integrator, its configuration is is in line with your requirements.

"A laundry machine and a vacuum cleaner in one"

An automatic integrator is such a machine for your store like a laundry machine and a vacuum cleaner in one for your house

An integrator does the hard but very important work every day – it takes care of the prices and stocks to be updated all the time. You can edit these parameters manually when the amount is small, but major savings will be seen with the product offer under 100 products.

Individual approach

Because every store is different

Everyone has its vision of the business – our IT team will thoroughly analyze your requirements, advise and run the Integrator that suits your needs. On top of that, in the Integrator administration panel, you will find many customer-friendly tools and options to manage your products database.

Addition of products

The integrator sources the data provided by a wholesaler, processes it and constructs a database of products which you can transfer to your shop.

The products added this way do not differ from those added manually, you can treat them exactly the same way. You can change practically all their parameters and match them with your requirements, for example – you can change a name, add/remove a picture, update a description, change categories, add additional key words. Non of the changes introduced whis way would be modified by the integrator (unless you decide so).

You may add to your shop all the products, which are shared by a wholesaler or choose only a part of them. It may be done in 4 ways:

  • Products according to the producers
    Choose the producers and only their products will be added to the shop.

  • Products according to the category
    From the category tree you choose those products which are interesting for you – only the products assigned to those categories by a wholesale will be added to the shop.

  • Single products
    In this option you choose particular products and ignore the others.

  • Inverted mode
    In this mode, first you indicate the products, which you would like to exclude, and in the step two, you may use method 1 or 2 to add the remaining products.


Copy the categories a wholesaler to the shop or use the categories which already exist in the shop

  • Copying categories to the shop
    If you create new shop or add a department in it with new assortment, you may quickly copy a new category tree into it which is provided by a wholesaler. It is a convenient solution since the copied categories, at any chosen time, may transferred, switched on/off, may have names and sequence modified. Regardless of it, the products from the wholesaler will be displayed at the right location.

  • Category mapping
    If you are not satisfied with the structure of the categories provided by the wholesaler or you simply have your own, you may benefit from a tool called Map of categories. It will allow you to comfortably assign categories in your shop to the categories from a wholesaler. As a result you will keep your categories and the products will be displayed in a chosen place.

  • Manual assignment of the products
    If you are not interested in any of the above solutions, you may assign the products manually – it may be done in the shop’s administration panel. You may choose this option also in case of chose methods 1 or 2, but you think certain products should belong to differnt categories.

Products once assigned to chosen categories, will belong to them, until you decide to change them.

Updates of the products

Products are changing, they need to be updated

From time to time, wholesalers modify their products and add new ones. The Integrator manages the changes occuring very often and in a natural way, i.e. price and inventory changes, as well as the more rare corrections of the descriptions or galleries. There are 2 methods to do it:

  • Quick/Automatic update
    Quick update is started automatically in intervals of time (e.g. every hour) and guarantees update of the basic product parameters, which are the ones that change most often. Choice available: Inventory, Product visibility, Price, Discounted price.
    This method allows also to automatically add new products to the shop, once they become available in the sholesaler’s offer.

  • Full update
    This tool is more complex and allows to update almost all parameters of a product. Because of that reason Full update it never starts automatically, it may be initiated only manually by a user. This method allows to update all parameters or the chosen ones, and the following are available Name of a product, Description, Short description, Gallery, Category assignment, Key words.

Pricing policy

Usually the prices provided by a wholesaler are not the ones you would like to see in your shop, due to that reason you may use a tool to modify them. To change a basic price, you may perform one of the actions:

  • Add or substract a percentage of the value
    eg. 100 EUR + 20%

  • Add or substract a sum of money
    eg. 120 EUR + 19,17 EUR

  • Round a final monetary amount
    .00 – eg. 138.00 EUR
    .49 – eg. 138.49 EUR
    .50 – eg. 138.50 EUR
    .90 – eg. 138.90 EUR
    .99 – eg. 138.99 EUR
    the amount stays unchanged

24/7 Online

You do not need to switch on your computer

The Integrator is an internet application, which means that it is installed on a server and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result your computer does not need to be switched on, the updates are made automatically.

1, 2, 3... 7 suppliers at once?

Sure. Why not?

The sky is the limit – the Integrator is designed in a way to manage many suppliers at the same time with no disturbance. You can manage every supplier respectively, but at the same time easily distribute products to one category in your store or share the same attributes such as color or size.

Check out what the Integrator can do in your store

Free of charge with no commitment

Try our fully comprehensive trial version of the Integrator – free of charge, you can quit anytime you want