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Website Modification Services

Personalize Your Digital Shopfront

Our expertise lies in revitalizing your digital storefront and website. In today’s digital era, possessing a distinctive website is not merely an option but a crucial requirement. This is where our role becomes pivotal.

Embark on the journey to distinguish your brand. Begin the journey towards creating the website your business needs.



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For Enhanced Aesthetics

Adjusting fonts, colors, layout of elements, adding new categories, incorporating custom features, or completely switching the website’s theme.


For Improved Performance

Updating plugins, site elements, and the foundational system of your online store.


For an Optimized User Experience

Activating, integrating, and tailoring existing features in the store, or developing entirely new functionalities from scratch.


For Streamlined Management

Linking with payment gateways, product management systems, and incorporating analytical tools from Google or similar.


For Amplified Brand Reach

Connecting with platforms like Amazon, Allegro, eBay, and more for wider visibility.


For Better Load Times

Transforming heavier image files like PNG or JPG to more efficient formats such as WEBP, generating graphics, or assisting in sourcing appropriate imagery.


What is the usual timeframe for a website modification project?
The time required to complete a website modification varies greatly, depending on the complexity and breadth of the desired changes. Once we receive your submission form, we will evaluate the work, provide you with a cost estimate, and inform you of the timeframe needed to execute the project.

Will there be any downtime or unavailability of my website during the modification process?
Our goal is to ensure your website remains accessible throughout the modification process. We typically perform changes on a staging version of your site, allowing the live site to operate uninterrupted until all updates are finalized and approved. Should there be a need for temporary downtime, it will be scheduled during low-traffic periods, and we will keep you fully briefed.

Is it possible to add new functionalities or technologies to my current website?
Definitely. Our expertise includes embedding a variety of new functionalities and state-of-the-art technologies into your existing website, ranging from e-commerce features and payment systems to bespoke plugins and APIs. We prioritize smooth integration that not only boosts functionality and user engagement but also upholds your site’s stability and performance.

How do we initiate the modification process for my website?
Beginning the process is straightforward. Contact us via our contact form, and we will respond with a proposal that outlines the specifics of the project, including its scope, estimated timeline, and cost. Upon agreement, we will commence the project and ensure you are updated throughout the process.