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Stores, Specific Products or Manufacturers - What Should You Promote?

What to promote

The ecommerce industry has been blooming in recent months, however, making a decision to sell online is only the beginning of your adventure. If after a few months of intense activities it turns out that the profits don’t outweigh the costs, we frequently come to the conclusion that the ecommerce game isn’t worth the candle. How to prevent such a scenario and what steps should you take to increase your chances for success in a competitive market. The answer to this question is simple – marketing, promotion and advertising.

What should you promote - your store or products?

Usually, we browse the net in search of specific products. So, for example, if you want to buy sports leggins that cost less than $50, you’ll probably enter this specific phrase into the search engine. And the search engine is likely to show you the exact products you’re looking for. Why does the process look this way? Because companies advertise their products and try to reach users who look for given goods with the help of keywords.

How to promote products?

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to online product promotion, however, to choose the most effective strategy, you should define your target group and analyze how customers reach your website. With this knowledge, you can easily decide which channels to use to advertise your goods and achieve the greatest results.

Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are channels that allow you to easily reach the recipients. Due to the popularity of social media, you shouldn’t disregard them when you introduce new products to your offer or want to promote your existing range.

Google Ads can help you improve your online visibility and, as you may guess, a store that isn’t visible doesn’t sell. Why should you invest in such activities? Because even a few minutes of running a campaign are enough to appear in Google. Paid advertisements are always displayed higher than the organic search results, frequently supported by SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What else? Collect feedback from customers, record promotional videos, or share expert content on a YouTube channel. All these activities aim to catch the customers’ attention, convince users that your products or services are unique and inspire trust. This increases brand recognition and encourages people to shop at your store.

The takeaway

Marketing and online advertising are an integral part of running a successful ecommerce business. Estimate the monthly amount you want to invest in marketing to ensure that this money works to your advantage. Take care of your product and its design – you need to have something that’s worth promoting.