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Running social media for your online store

Social media

It’s been known for a long time that social media platforms are one of the most popular websites visited by users. They’ve become a part of our everyday life and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use them. Thanks to available functionalities, we find it hard not to scroll them. Staying in touch with friends, having access to content of your choice, groups you can belong to – possibilities are endless. However, due to the popularity of social media, these platforms have also become a place for advertisements. They can be an important channel for communication with customers and a key element of marketing strategy, especially in the ecommerce industry.

How does social media affect an online store and why is it worth running active profiles?

Social media platforms can be used as a channel for communication with customers. Let’s take Facebook, one of the most popular platforms, as an example. By setting up a page for your store, the so-called fanpage, you give your customers the opportunity to contact you more easily – almost every social media platform provides access to a chat thanks to which every user who wants to contact your company can do it with the help of this functionality. Social media platforms help you – the owner of an online store. You can create posts and reach a wider group of recipients. Published entries can advertise your products or inform potential customers about new discounts and special offers. Position yourself as an expert – run a microblog, discuss hot or controversial subjects, redirect users directly to your store and provide links to mentioned products – topics are up to you, you’re the person who decides about the adopted marketing strategy.

Social media as a place for ads and SEO activities

When publishing posts, you can link directly to your online store. If you run a blog, provide a brief summary that will encourage users to learn more about a topic that has been already discussed on your blog. Use your creativity to advertise your business and promote your entries. Nowadays, social media ads are a common thing and every successful company benefits from them. Not only do they have a positive impact on conversions, but they also help to improve positions in Google. Take advantage of available solutions and see how your company expands.

It’s not just a fanpage - be yourself

Join groups devoted to subjects you’re an expert in. Be active, answer questions, and offer private conversations. Take advantage of this opportunity to convince users that it’s worth choosing your services or products and that they’ll meet their expectations.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Social media is a great place to communicate with potential customers. Popular platforms have an impact on SEO and conversions. However, remember that achieving the intended results takes time. Being consistent and logical is the key to optimizing the operation of your fanpage. Once this happens, you’ll surely see that your online store is visited by more users.