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Dropshipping - market competitiveness vs. your store’s promotion

Market competitiveness

Many entrepreneurs, who are just starting their adventure with selling online or dropshipping, face a difficult challenge – how to make their business stand out from thousands of similar stores that offer similar products?

Finding the answer to this question can be a bit complex. Well-known wholesalers, offering widely recognized products, usually cooperate with many online stores, which translates into significant competitiveness, especially when it comes to prices.

The first element you should consider is your pricing policy – the store owner needs to decide if s/he wants to offer items at affordable prices and profit less or if the store should sell less but set higher margin sales.

The abovementioned aspect should also be reflected in the offer of the online store. If you decide to sell large quantities, you can complement your offer with a wide range of products. On the other hand, if you prefer to focus on high-margin sales, your range should be selected more carefully.

Offering a limited product range at the very beginning of your activities will allow you to focus on other store development elements such as:

  • Tailoring the range to the target group – for example, you may concentrate only on evening dresses or wooden toys for children. Thanks to it, your store is likely to attract users looking for specific goods.
  • Personalizing products in your store – if you offer a smaller number of products, you can take your time to prepare unique descriptions and mention the most important features of your goods. Apart from making your range more attractive when compared to other stores that benefit from ready-made texts provided by manufacturers, such activities will also have a positive impact on your website visibility and positions in Google.
  • Increasing the standard of pre- and after-sales services – taking care of your existing customers is the key to building your reputation and position in the market. Offering professional services helps you attract buyers for longer and may convince them that it’s worth recommending your store to their friends and family.
  • Selecting suppliers reasonably – one of the most frequent mistakes while setting up a store is stocking it with products from different wholesalers that offer various shipping methods, terms of cooperation, payment methods or delivery time. Gradual expansion of the offer allows you to get to know selected wholesalers and determine whether further cooperation will meet your expectations. Moreover, this way you can also make sure that offered products are consistent.

Your store is much more than the products you offer. By taking equal care of various elements such as the available product range, store design, product descriptions, advertising and customer service, you increase your chances for success.

If you neglect any of the abovementioned aspects, you may not achieve the intended results. Your store is as professional as its weakest point. Taking into account the constantly developing ecommerce sector, attention to detail is the key to attracting customers’ attention.